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art happenings in our classroom and hong kong

These two books are highlighted this month because of how different the process of creating the illustrations are for each artist.

Dear Fish
Chris Gall, Author and Illustrator

Find out what happens when Peter writes a letter inviting the fish for a visit.

Chris engraved the illustrations into clay-coated boards and then used Adobe Illustrator for colour and adjustments to the artwork. Which artist does his work remind you of? Why?



Giant Steps to Change the World
Sean Qualls, Illustrator
Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee, Authors

Encouraging words and people to remind you to be strong, courageous and to persevere because you can make a difference.  You just need to choose to.

Sean’s artwork is mixed-media: painting, drawing and collage.  The textures and layers create many details to look at on each page.  What do you think about his changing colour palette and perspective on each page?

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