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art happenings in our classroom and hong kong

Hello Art Friends,

What have you been learning and creating? I sure do miss making art with you but it has been great being able to see some of you at school when I pop in. : )

I’m off on an art and science expedition this June and if you’d like to find out more, follow along here: We Go North.

Have a great rest of the school year!


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hello artists,

If you’re in Hong Kong this summer, here are some art things to do with your family:

As you’re out and about, collect ideas of things and create everyday! I decided to spend the first day of summer with my art teacher friends experimenting with various materials to make “brushes” instead of cleaning and packing the classroom :).


It’s been a joy exploring and making with you this past school year. Thank you for sharing your stories and art with me.

Have a fantastic summer!

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photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Our canvas murals are finally finished!

This was an extension project the current third graders began at the end of second grade. They designed and planned these canvases following on from their typography art pieces they completed about themselves. They selected words that described our school community and sketched out drawings that showed life at ICS.  

This year, we had P1 artists and their parents paint the background during open house, P1 to Grade 5 artists illustrate, and upper elementary along with some high school artists paint the words. Many of the third graders came during recess to work on the canvases and drawings these past few months. I enjoyed these lunch time painting sessions catching up with them. They have grown and matured so much since our art days in second grade! I am excited for them as they move on and up a floor to fourth grade in the fall.

We hope when you see these paintings around the school, they will brighten your day and remind you of the wonderful place we get to learn and grow together.

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Following on from exploring the intersection of music and art through painting songs, we looked at various artists and how they evoke sound through their work. We worked on collages to depict places familiar to us.

How do the P1 artists use colour and various media to create their noisy/quiet collage? What place are they showing you? What sounds do you hear when you look at the art? You can see all the collages on our Artsonia Gallery.

I listened to this Science Friday podcast–Recording the Global Soundscape while I was working in the ceramics room last month and it made me think about the art we had been making. How would you visually interpret the sounds?

Have a look and listen at the Global Soundscapes site this summer and see what art it inspires you to make. Also make sure to check out the soundscape visualization under the FUN tab.

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I made this on Monday night.  I used my foot and hand and stamped them on. I did it with my mom. She made one with dark blue paint and white crayon. I used blue paint and different colour papers. I was trying to show peace in nature.  –Hana, P1B


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Charmaine in 1A  made these two pieces at Art Basel Hong Kong.

I used the same materials for both pieces but different colours of paint. Each colour is squeezed for three seconds. There was a bike and I had to ride on it and when I pedaled, the pot in front of the bicycle spins the colour.  There’s a brake behind the pot and when you squeeze it, the pot stops spinning. When it is spinning, it reminds me of a CD.

art basel charmaine 2

The second picture I added blue, silver, gold and yellow. The gold is mixed so we can’t really see it. I chose these colours because they are bright. It reminds me of the stars in the sky. It also looks like an eyeball!

art basel charmaine

At Art Basel, the most interesting thing I saw was a point with a dot in the middle that spins around in circles.  There were many other lines connecting to the dot and some people sat on the lines at the top, middle and bottom.  It was like benches.

See more of Charmaine’s art in her personal gallery on Artsonia and tell her what you observe and think by leaving her a comment.

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Here are most of our character intros in one playlist. Some artists typed out their introductions and others recorded their own voice. Have a watch and let us know if you make your own Tellagami.

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